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Jeppe College of Commerce and Computer Studies is a Further Education & Training (FET) Institution, established to promote and uphold comprehensive education and training needs and aimed at addressing educational and training backlogs and imbalances.

Jeppe College is a nationally recognized FET Private Service provider, fully accredited by Umalusi and registered under the Private Further Education and Training Act, 2006 (Act 16 of 2006) as Private Education Service Provider by …Read More

Are you happy about the choice for your future?

At Jeppe we offer regular counseling and career guidance – every year a number of male and female staff members are trained to provide you with the support you need to have a balanced and healthy learning experience. Counseling and career guidance sessions are integrated into our weekly time table and a special team of educators oversee the implementation.

We fully acknowledge the diversity of our students and their backgrounds. We have ensured that we have formal and informal instruments in place, such as oral interviews or written tests which help the learners choose the most appropriate programmes.

We help with placement, or outsource, where necessary, for the best experiential training. We also assist with providing intern- and learnerships for our outgoing graduates.

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Bloemfontein (NOW OPEN):
103 St Andrews Street
Tel: 051 430 6312

222 Marshall Street, Cortex Building
Tel: 011 334 2751

1st Floor Koedoe Arcade Building
Tel: 012 323 5927

Cnr Rissik & Bok Street, Plaza 2000 Building
Tel: 015 297 1840

12 Beaconsfield Avenue, 1st Floor Crisco Building
Tel: 016 422 2676

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