Social Responsibilities

  • College, staff, and students are involved in socio economic and community development activities like sporting tournaments, debates and outreach programmes.
  • College, staff, and students are professionally involved in service learning and volunteerism.
  • College, staff, and students exchange knowledge and resources with the community.
  • College students become experts in business applications and serve the regional business community.
  • Graduates are capable of meeting regional workforce needs.
  • Life-Long Learning:
Jeppe College encourages continuous opportunities for learning beyond achieving their Diplomas, Certificates and unit standards.
  • Ethics and Integrity

​College and students require reciprocal ethical behaviour.

  • College teaches students the process of ethical development.
    • Diversity:
  • Jeppe College recruits and retains a diverse community of staff and students.
Students and College pursue national interaction and experiences.
Jeppe College respects, understands, and accepts the diversity of its community.
College and staff pursue opportunities to share and interact with relevant businesses for a broader experience.
College and staff operate through transparency of information.
College and staff pursue an atmosphere of mutual respect.
College and staff help each other attain different skill sets.